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Embracing and loving what half a century of bouncing around has taught me.

Don't bounce too hard, too fast,too slow and whatever I do, I do at my own rhythm.

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2010 blogsPosted by Gala Tue, August 19, 2014 04:12:33

Top 10 list: Island life

D'oh!Posted by Gala Thu, December 10, 2009 17:46:39

Top 10 good things about living in Khunfoonadhu Baa Atoll

10 I don’t have to cook, do dishes or think what to make for dinner

9 Don’t have to do laundry or iron clothes

8 Never worry about what to wear

7 No traffic jams

6 Bad hair days go totally unnoticed

5 Girls are always considered gorgeous… regardless! (Island population: 367 males vs 20 females)

4 I get to enjoy paradise, snoozing on a hammock on my days off

3 ZERO (null, nichst, cero, nada, pas de tout) risk of pregnancy and other such scares

2 No dog poo to step –or slide- on

1 Most locals are so slow at work, I am like Speedy Gonzalez! (Andele! Andele!)

By George, I think she's got it!

D'oh!Posted by Gala Sun, December 06, 2009 18:23:18
It is not hidden longing, awkward shyness, repressed feelings or burning desire kept secret from you.
Nothing to do with fear nor insecurity.
Not about time difference, good timing, bad timing, right time, wrong time, free time, no time.

I'm sorry for being curt: a blind man could see that...

Girlfriend, he is just NOT into you!