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2009 blogsPosted by Gala Tue, August 19, 2014 04:11:07

Not the same

D'oh!Posted by Gala Mon,
November 30, 2009 21:52:55

Having a 1 pax audience lil' film fest: The Godfather from start to finish; ADORE Al Pacino and even the brief appearance of De Nero has managed to make me reconsider him as an actor, but still undecided: he is De Nero in every role, he is the character, the character does not possess him EVER, regardless drama or comedy.

I had a craving for something salty and a bit of wine: an offer I could not refuse.

Normally I would have some manchego cheese, a good Rioja, some Marques of Whatever... -minor royalty wine is normally of respectable quality- and Jabugo: the best Spanish ham in the WWW (whole wide world); Italians shyly try to imitate through prosciutto... not even close, not even Il Padrino and all its tarantellas could convince me otherwise.

Regardless of my desire, no such luck: ham is prohibited (along with miniskirts) in Muslim land. Wine not allowed either but I manage to smuggle.

In a desperate attempt to satisfy my craving I looked at what I got at home...

Sad, very sad indeed.

Wine which comes out of a box and peanut butter are not a good mix, pitiful substitute...

Boy, today I sure miss the Free World.


D'oh!Posted by Gala Fri, November 27, 2009 14:59:28
Magic day!! getting my way all the way

It is a good thing I use my super powers sparingly and not for evil but for good causes (MY causes).

Life IS unfair, but I love it when it is unfair to my advantage.

Happy Daze

PhotosPosted by Gala Fri,
November 20, 2009 17:03:51

I know I complaint A LOT about this place lately, but one thing is for sure, it has helped me appreciate the smaller things in life...

Some of my happiest Island moments have been:

-The day a wash machine was installed outside my room... granted, I have to manually fill it it with water, watch it ever so slowly spin and manually drain it (same process all over again for rinsing) and then take soaking clothes to another part of the machine and press a button while it spins it to semi wet condition, but hey! that means I can have fresher smelling -albeit not necessarily clean- gym clothes as I no longer need to wait for laundry day once a week!

-The day I got a box FULL of chocolate bars... expiry date was within a week and had to be pulled out of Guest Villas, it was really yummy posh dark chocolate, my tummy hurt for a week and I had to spend 2 months in the gym after that, but it was worth it.

-The day (today!) an extra set of bowls magically appeared in the staff's restaurant, each one was filled with all my favs: lentils, chick peas and some organic wheat thing, yummy!... perhaps some day I will see spinach again, but don't wanna get greedy.

So yes, life is simple, sometime dull, but then something extraordinary happens like a bowl of yogurt or chocolate chip cookies, that leave me delighted for days. I wonder if it is reasonable to get so terribly excited over eggplant?

Oh! and ofcourse there are the sandy white beaches and those sunsets which almost make me forget the complete and utter absence of... ya know, err... joy?


D'oh!Posted by Gala Wed, November 18, 2009 18:39:40
Boob sweat smells like cream cheese

Chocolate instead, please

D'oh!Posted by Gala Tue, November 10, 2009 14:55:44
Last night at about 5.30 pm I woke up with an eerie feeling, I looked t the door and sure enough, there was a man standing there, staring at me as I was asleep; he ran away the moment he realized I was awake and by the time I got dressed (embarrassing detail to the story which I choose not to share...) he was long gone, ran like a rabbit... the bastard!

I was so sure I had locked and latched my door.

This is the 5th time this happens.

No need to mention all other attempts to open my door in the middle of the night or rather jiggling the doorknob to see if by any chance I had come in so knackered I might have forgotten to lock. On another occasion somebody broke into my room, nosed around leaving dirty foot prints which showed his trail to my refrigerator, and stole my posh scented candles... at east that one had good taste; I admit that one was my fault: I went on a trip and left the window semi open so the room with air, I had made sure it was on the Mosque side though, figuring that their religion and fear of God so overwhelming in every aspect of their lives would guilt them into nor breaking & entering... I was grossly mistaken. I also have seen tiny little hands with mobile peep through my shower window trying to get a snap shot.

Local paparazzi, infinitely less glamorous.

I don't feel threatened at all: I could seriously take any of these tiny little men and break them in half with my left while I apply lipstick with my right.
What I feel is annoyed. First and foremost about my own stupidity: I know I must barricade myself at nights, so damned absent minded! The fact that I know I see these people several times a day and they probably greet me with a big friendly smile while in their heads they are thinking "Ha! I just saw you naked" and WORSE! me responding like a friendly fool "good morning!" and smiling back like an idiot... that SERIOUSLY pisses me off.

Needless to say, I refuse to switch accommodation, I will NOT allow a sorry little scumbag to punk me out of MY room!

I just wish my Fans would show their adoration by means of leaving chocolates and a nice fruit basket by my doorstep, rather than stalking me in the wee hours...


D'oh!Posted by Gala Sun, November 08, 2009 12:57:57

If these people went around in circles any further they could create a small tornado, rendering these meetings a natural disaster.

The outcome is a chaotic nonsensical series of "ideas" designed to keep people busy in the illusion that what their jobs are important and meaningful.

Sorry to break it to you mate...

Holy Mating, Batman!

D'oh!Posted by Gala Fri, November 06, 2009 21:53:17

One of the few land animals in the Maldives are Fruit Bats; flying all around the island most of the day and for a break they hang upside on those palm trees, munching on young green tender coconut seeds; when done they intentionally (I am certain) drop them on the heads of innocent bystanders.

It is now Bat mating season so this usually quiet creature becomes very VERY vocal: similar to a rat with a panic attack they make these ear piercing squealing rackets like about every 10 minutes so we are constantly reminded that there is some sexual activity going on the Island… at least SOMEONE is getting some...

Being so aware of their presence, I was thinking the other day: these lil’ animals are as blind as…well, bats really; they are able to navigate with remarkable precision thanks to their sensitive hearing: they send inaudible-to us- signals and by the bounce back of this sound are able to determine where to fly at no slow speed mind you!.

So I was wondering, if what they need is distance to know how to move about, what do they do when they are getting… err… up close and personal? Could it be that this insufferably loud mating sounds are non other than the females yelling instructions? “To the left, left… your OTHER LEFT, you idiot!, there! There! No! that’s my ear! Oh, for crissakes! Let ME do it, Wait, yes, ok now steady ready? OK… … WHAT???? You are DONE already????!!.


Perhaps all the commotion and screaming is just the OTHER type of mating, that is, when the males are telling all their mates they just got lucky with some lady Bat “yeah man, she said I had a really massive set of… wings.”

Mating does not change in any species.
"So your cave or my cave, my sweet Coconut?...

...Oh Dear! Do excuse me, Percival couldn't see it was you... say, that's quite a snout you got there, mate"

Viva la Revolucion!!

D'oh!Posted by Gala Tue, November 03, 2009 10:47:59

I just had to cancel a 4 day getaway to Singapore and I am seriously pissed off.

It seems that I can't be done without for 3 bleeping days, which is a load of crap.

You would think getting rid of me for a few days would be incentive enough to let me go, but naaaaa.

I am deciding wether or not to make a little revolution...

I am feisty today.

Pre Xmas Carol

D'oh!Posted by Gala Sun, November 01, 2009 21:00:32
The ghost of Christmas past just popped up on my screen, full force.

I would have thought that 10 years should be enough to get over that one, apparently not.

Had forgotten how beautiful that particular phantom was... damn!

I just had a very healthy reminder of what a dumbass he is and I am actually patting myself on the back. Don't you jut love those reality checks that make you go "MMhhmmm, THAT'S why it happened!"

Memory does play tricks on us, doesn't it????!!